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GAMING GUNS - ANATOMY: Every gamer has a gaming gun. All gaming guns have 3 sensors where a gamer can be shot. There are two mounted on the headband, & another built into the gun.

To Shoot: Aim through the scope, hover the red dot (an optical illusion inside the scope) over an opponent's sensor, then pull the trigger.

To Hit: When you hit an opponent your gaming gun will say - “Hit”, “Wound” or “Critical” or "Ricochet".

“Hit” = that target is still above half health.

“Wound” = the target is below half health.

“Critical” = double damage.

"Ricochet" = damage was done to the opponent's shield

When you are hit, your gaming gun will make different sound effects

A grunt noise indicates you have been "hit"

A scream noise indicates you have been "killed"

If your gaming gun says "you're dead" on trigger pull, depending on the mission, head back to your medic box (see Team Death Match & Capture the Flag) 


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