How to Win at Laser Tag

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Battlefield LIVE is laser tag like you've never played before. But some things will always stay the same. 

HIDE AND SHOOT - the classic newb mistake is to stand out in the open. If people can see you, you're going to get smashed! When the mission starts, find a hiding spot. From there, you can look out for other people, easily picking off the people who are hiding. 

DOMINATE THE SUPPLY CRATES - supply crates are a key resource in any mission that they are included. But to get the best supplies (weapon upgrades) you have to stay around the box for 9 seconds. You likely won't be able to defend the supply crate for long by yourself. So get your squad organised and make sure there is always two people defending the supply crate.

PUSH THE ENEMY BACK - in the Domination mission one thing that newbs do is run in, shoot the box then flee. Or they will not advanced passed the Domination box. This is a mistake. Securing the box means pushing the enemy team as far away from the box as possible. Make it hard for them to recapture.

WORK WITH YOUR SQUAD - most missions in Battlefield LIVE are team based. Even a team with the best gamer in the world will struggle to win if the team fails to work together. In missions like Heist and Capture the Flag this is especially true. This because they require some gamers to act as a defence, while others run in to attack. If you base is abandoned (everyone is attacking) you risk the enemy breaking through and scoring a ridiculous amount of points.

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